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Door Repairs, Maintenance & Service.

Servicing all of Melbourne and surrounding suburbs since 1983.

Roller Doors & Garage Doors.

Roller Shutters – Car Parks – Factories.

Gates – Motors – Remotes.

Domestic – Industrial – Commercial.

Commercial Agents – Body Corporates – Service Contracts.

New Doors – Repair Specialists – Alterations.




We offer a wide range of door services including repairs, maintenance, service and installation.  We are the door repair specialists committed to integrity, excellence, reliability and value. Our service personnel can help with any garage door repair, roller shutter or gate repair. No matter what condition your door is in or what time it is, we are here to help. We supply, service & repair domestic, industrial and commercial doors and can assist with any door repair work – contact us today.

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Emergency Response

Our emergency response service sets us apart from the competition. We offer a round the clock 24-hour service with a guaranteed call back within 20 minutes. No matter what time it is, our knowledgeable staff are available to provide you the assistance that you require.  Emergency door repairs Call 1300 131 821 between 8am and 4pm. For after hours emergencies click here.

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Industry Experience

With over 30 years of industry experience, we are your one-stop for all door, gate, roller shutter or garage door repairs and servicing. We are the preferred contractor for emergency services Victoria Police and the MFB.  We have won two MFB Awards from the fire brigade and offer a lifetime warranty on all services to give you total peace of mind. We present a free safety report about your current situation for your perusal and then complete our 31-point service checklist to properly plan and prepare the work that needs to be done.


Independent Service Provider

Door Repairs are totally independent and not aligned to any one door manufacturer giving us the flexibility to repair or install any brand.  As a trusted Melbourne company we deal with body corporates, building managers, domestic homeowners, commercial and industrial sites and facility managers. In having such a diverse client base, we have developed the skills and techniques necessary for any situation that we encounter. Our years of service for clients such as Nissan, Boral, Victoria Police, MFB, Colliers, William Adams and many more has assisted us grow into the reliable, trustworthy company that we are today.

New Roller and Sectional/Panel Doors for your Home

Door Repairs offer a wide range of domestic and commercial roller doors, sectional doors and tilt doors. Our domestic repairs include: Creeks, Gliderol, B&D, Gryphon garage doors, tilt doors Quick Lift, ATA, Airport Doors, Ross Door, Gliderol sectional doors/panel type including all motorizations and remotes Merlin, B&D and more. We have a wide range of brands and colours available, so if the repair is not suited, we can give you competitive prices on a new door and motor.

Our team are all employees trained to take care of your investment from the start to finish, unlike most companies that use contractors for their installations, which a often lead to poor workman ship and customer dissatisfaction.


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Industrial and Commercial Roller Shutters and Roller Doors

Our industrial roller door repair services include roller shutters, roller doors and bi-fold doors from Trevor Creeks, Ansa, Stramit as well as vertical sliders and Bi-fold doors. We also service industrial gates such as Mirage, Acro Doors, Ansa, Airport Doors and many more. Whatever brand or style you have that requiress repairing, our highly skilled professionals have extensive experience in this field.

Wether it be an industrial roller shutter on a small factory, one of many in a warehouse situation or an entry to a car park, we have it covered. from a small repair or impact by a car or fork lift, Door repairs will have the answers you need.

Slat replacements, new motors or broken springs in the drum, this is what we do every day.

With over 30 years of industry experience, our highly skilled roller door technicians can provide you with the best advice about maintenance, repairs, installation, insurance and servicing.

Door Repairs is the trusted provider for emergency services around Melbourne. Contact us today to learn more about roller shutter repairs!

Garage Door Repairs


One of the biggest and most vulnerable areas of the home is the garage. Being large in size and full of expensive contents, the garage is one of the places in the home that is the most secure but also the most exposed. Being a large surface area, opening into both the elements and the street, the garage door is effectively the gateway to the inside of the house.

When this gateway is working effectively, creating a solid barrier between the outside and in, the security of the home is fine. It’s when the garage door is compromised, however, that the protection of the home becomes immediately reduced. This is when you need to perform garage door repairs.

Door Repairs has a huge range of garage door repair services to protect your home or workplace. By ensuring the security and safety of your garage door, you are creating a protected environment for everyone in the area. We can perform maintenance and repairs on all different kinds of garage doors or we could complete a brand new installation if needed.

With over 30 years of industry experience, our Door Repairs specialists understand exactly what needs to be done in all situations. Installing any garage door or performing garage door repairs is a complex job and needs to be completed by professionals. There are significant dangers involved when dealing with the heavy-duty equipment required, meaning it may be dangerous do it yourself.

Our highly skilled professionals can also provide you with an insurance quote. If you’ve crashed into your garage door or it’s suffered weather damage, our technicians are proficient in quoting you the right price for repairs. By dealing with experienced professionals, you are given the peace of mind that you deserve. Create a safe and secure environment with a garage door solution today!



Preventative Maintenance Schedules – Regular Maintenance Programs

Do you have a door that you and others rely on? A garage door that needs to operate day in day out? If yes, you have come to the right place. Our job at Door Repairs is to provide repair and maintenance for residential and commercial doors, gates, garage doors, roller shutters and more. We work with all brands such as B&D, Creeks, Airport Doors, Gliderol, Gryphon garage doors, tilt doors Quick Lift, Ross Door, sectional doors/panel type including all motorizations and remotes, Merlin, ATA, B&D, Gliderol and more. When it comes to industrial repair and maintenance services, we work with brands such as Ansa, Trevor, B&D, Creeks, Stramit, Bi-fold doors, vertical sliders and industrial gates such as Arco Doors, Mirage, Airport Doors, Ansa to name a few.

We are based in Melbourne and we have worked for hundreds of clients in the area including the Victoria Police, Croydon Fire Station, Metropolitan Fire Brigade, County Fire Authority, City Councils, Commercial Property Managers, Body Corporates, Nissan and William Adams. These clients keep coming back to us because they know that we get the job done every time. Regular Maintenance Programs come in 3 monthly, 6 monthly and 12 monthly and are taylor made to suit your doors specific requirements. Every service our clients receive a complete report as well as a 31 point safety check. This way, they can keep up to date the condition of their assets at all times.

Door maintenance is critical because it saves you the cost of buying and installing a new door in the future. In addition to that, doors that are not kept in good condition are a risk to property damage or injury to persons. Call 1300 13 18 21 and let us make sure that you are always safe.

To reassure our clients on the quality of the labor that goes into repairing their doors, we offer them a lifetime warranty. This way, they know that we will do everything in our power to get their repairs and maintenance done right.

Our service team is highly trained and continues to attend workshops and seminars so that they can keep up with industry developments. They are ready to come to you as soon as you call us and our aim, every single day of the year, is to get to our clients within 2 hours after we receive their call no matter where they are based in Melbourne. We are very professional and we aim to give you the best value possible.

Call 1300 13 18 21 today.